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The trip to Morocco blog 01: Experiene with Wanderlustin The City(from USA)

We booked a 4-day adventure with Morocco Active Adventures and it ended up being my favorite thing I did all trip!

Youssef, our fabulous guide, picked us up at La Mamounia and took us on the adventure of a lifetime. And because Morocco Active Adventures doesn’t combine groups, it was just the three of us, which gave Marisa and me a lot of freedom in deciding what we wanted to do, and when… More info

trip to Morocco


The trip to Morocco blog 02: Experiene with sapphire safari adventures(Germany)

In Morocco you will find the richest people driving their Ferraris around, living without any problems, and you will find the ones who seriously have nothing…. we went to them to find out what it means to live the hard life! More Info


The trip to Morocco Blog 03: Experiene with aroundtheworld365.com(Germany)

Um den Süden Marokkos in kurzer Zeit bestmöglich zu erkunden, buchten wir bereits aus Deutschland eine geführte Tour. Aufgrund der durchweg positiven Bewertungen auf Tripadvisor entschieden wir uns für Morocco Active Adventures. Der Tour-Anbieter organisiert individuelle Ausflüge von Marrakesch bis Fès und in mehreren E-Mails stellten wir vorab gemeinsam ein Vier-Tages-Programm für Thorsten und mich zusammen… Weitere Info

Erg Chebbi


The trip to Morocco blog 04(Italy)

Ho sempre sognato di visitare il Marocco, è un paese che mi ha sempre affascinato, con la sua storia, cultura e il deserto. Finalmente il mio sogno è diventato realtà perchè quest’anno io e il mio ragazzo abbiamo deciso di trascorrere la nostra vacanza in Marocco per 6 giorni.  Siamo partiti da Roma con un volo Ryanair diretto a Marrakech… Ulteriori info



The trip to Morocco blog 05: Experiene with Nos Curieux Voyageurs(France)

Visiter les montagnes de l’Atlas était pour nous un rêve… devenu réalité ! Séjourner à Marrakech pour une semaine, ou même quelques jours, laisse la possibilité de combiner les visites culturelles au cœur de la Médina, le farniente de la Palmeraie et les paysages de l’Atlas. Plus info

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The trip to Morocco blog 06(China)

我们曾走遍大半个东南亚,用了接近一年的时间边工作边游历了几乎整个欧洲。走遍万水千山,突然有一阵觉得极度空虚,感觉去哪里都没劲,看什么都so so 。当意识到自己已经开始审美疲劳的时候,我渐渐明白我们需要的是去另外一个与众不同的世界走走,神秘的撒哈拉,一千零一夜的神奇……于是去摩洛哥从一种偶然变成了必然。更多信息

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The trip to Morocco blog 07: Experiene with viaggiaconina.it(Italy-Russia)

Marocco è l’aridità, il silenzio sacrale del deserto, la calura, la meraviglia delle oasi e dei luoghi scintillanti, le montagne quiete come giganti assonnati, il cielo di velluto, il silenzio che invade le strade, il tempo sospeso, la lentezza, i sorrisi, gli occhi delle donne velate, gli arabi vestiti di “lenzuola”, i berberi gentili ed il tè alla menta… +info


The trip to Morocco blog 08: Foreverlostintravel.com(Canada)

Instead of spending a Christmas at home in Canada, this year we decided to travel. My mom has been travelling Europe for several months and we thought it would be a great idea to go visit her, maybe even escape the winter in Vancouver. So we booked return flights to Spain with a side trip to Morocco, a country I’ve always wanted to visit… +Info


The trip to Morocco blog 9: The trip is hot air balloon chanpion(Japan)

案内は、Morocco Active AdventuresのYoussef。大会で出会い、行きたいところを伝えたら、ツアーを組んでくれました。Merzougaで砂漠横断の熱気球フライトを準備中なので、フライト開始したら絶対行きたいですね~ +詳細


Youtube vedio by Jale Rizza from Bulgaria

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