See the breathtaking Atlas plains spreading out under your feet as you ascend into the sky and see the sun creeping above the horizon, casting beautiful colors over the desert below. The cool, serene morning ambiance adds to your experience as you appreciate the incredible views as only birds can.

Rising early for a sunrise flight means you get incredible panoramic views as you watch the sun wake for the day and float along the air currents to wherever they take you.

On your hour-long journey, soar high above oases and secluded Berber villages, as well as the terraced, irrigated fields of the Al Haouz Plain. Marvel at the incredible mountain range in the background and keep your eyes peeled for caravans of dromedary camels going about their daily business.

Back on solid ground, enjoy a delicious Moroccan breakfast with the Atlas Mountains as your backdrop. As a final treat en route back to Marrakech, make a stop at the Palm Grove area for a tour before returning to your city hotel